Digestif Reset System – one month supply





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Allergen warning – please note that DRS contains sesame seeds.

Ayurvedic Digestif Reset System is a three months recommended course to naturally reset and rebalance your whole digestive system. It is the only product on the market that concentrates on the most important, yet the most neglected aspect of the digestive process – mastication. Digestif Reset System re-teaches your body and your brain how to chew properly and helps your body to start producing the correct amount of your own digestive enzymes, pre and probiotics without the need of introducing anything foreign into your body that your brain may have difficulty recognising or upsetting your existing equilibrium. Each pot of Digestif Reset System is a month supply. For best results, and especially if your digestive issues are aggravated or brought on by stress, we recommend combining DRS with Hormony Drinks – select the Ultimate Digestive Wellness Pack in the drop down menu and save £70.

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