Digestif Reset System

What is Digestif Reset System?

Please note: if your digestive issues are provoked/aggravated by anxiety or stress, please use Hormony Drinks powder first as it will be better solution to your issues.

Digestif Reset System is a specific blend of herbs that was created to rebalance and rebuild your entire digestive system. Unlike pills and potions DRS isn’t anything that you are meant to be taking for the rest of your life – we recommend a minimum 3 months course (preferably taken together with Hormony Drinks) and after three months you can stop taking it.


How does it work?

Digestif Reset System is the only product on the market that concentrates on the most important, yet the most neglected aspect of digestive process – mastication. It is specifically designed to re-teach your brain and your body how to chew your food properly.


Why is chewing food is so important?

70% of all digestive enzymes in humans, as well as 80% of all your pre and probiotics originate in your saliva glands – the rest originates in your stomach lining. What people neglect to understand is that your digestive enzyme, pre and probiotic production is time depended – the longer you chew, more complex digestive enzymes, pre and probiotics, specific to your own body, get created by your own body, and because it takes human brain eight weeks of repetitive action for that action to become automatic (so you do it without thinking – walking is a prime example) after eight weeks of using Digestive Reset System you will chew every morsel of food that comes into your mouth at least 100 to 150 times therefore producing digestive enzymes, pre and probiotics that your body has never produced before in your life – not because of your age, not because they weren’t there in the first place, not because of your past medical history, but because you have never chewed your food properly. It is an exceptionally elegant, yet very effective way not only to normalise your digestion but also improve your overall quality of life.



Digestif Reset System consists of very specific strains of fennel, peppermint, flaxseed, dhania dal (coriander), ajwain (carom seed), liquorice root, sesame seeds, harri patti and Palmyra blossom nectar, cinnamon and cardamom.


How do I use it?

Take half-teaspoon in your mouth after each meal – breakfast, lunch and dinner, put it in your mouth and chew at least 60 times before you swallow. Take it continuously for three months – even after your digestive issues disappear, and after three months of continuous use you can stop taking it.


What would be the best deal for me?

For best results we recommend you use Digestif Reset System, in conjunction with two tablespoons of Hormony Drinks, for a period of three months. In a drop-down menu please select Ultimate Digestive Reset Pack that includes 3 months supply of Digestif Reset System and 7 weeks supply of Hormony Drinks.



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