How to use Hormony drinks

Each pack of Hormony Drinks contains up to 7 weeks of our healing drink, giving your body ample time to absorb all 15 essential vitamins and minerals that naturally occur in Hormony Drinks so you can start feeling your best both inside and out.


For best results we recommend using 2 tablespoons daily in your drinks – water, coffee, tea, etc – a tablespoon first thing in the morning, on empty stomach, in your morning hot drink: drink it, follow it by some sort of cardiovascular exercise such as brisk walk, push ups, stretching or a full work out.
Have another tablespoon, in the afternoon, in water/tea.


If you have trouble sleeping or consider yourself a “light” sleeper, we recommend a level teaspoon, in a small glass of water, 40 min before going to bed.


If you are an athlete, we recommend you use a tablespoon of Hormony Drinks 20 min prior to your workout and another tablespoon 20 min after you finish your workout in order to improve your athletic performance, improve muscle elasticity and minimise risk of injury.

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