All you need is health

When one sells health food products – especially the one as effective as Hormony Drinks – many people ask me this question “I really want to be healthier – what would you recommend I do?”, and my answer is always the same – ensure you have access to clean water, and get plenty of sunshine and fresh air. 

Water, to me, is the easiest (and cheapest) way of cleaning your body out of toxins however, not all water is the same: the stuff that comes out of our taps in the UK, although far better than what one would get out of the tap in the USA or Canada, is still not ideal. The most effective way to access clean water is to install good-quality water filter that will provide you and your family with copious amount of quality water. Do try to stop drinking water out of plastic bottles especially during summer months.

Sunshine is great to our health generally. It helps our bodies to produce vitamin D, improves our mood, and also helps grow nutritious food. I advice everyone interested in their health to maximise their exposure to the sun during the summer. 

Fresh air. One of the cheapest ways to improve your mood and overall health – try going for a walk first thing in the morning before your breakfast (a stroll, you don’t need to jog if you don’t want to), and in the evening after you had your supper. Do it for a few days, and you are likely to feel the benefits quite quickly.

Obviously, for the best results, have a tablespoon of Hormony Drinks in your hot drink in the morning, and, to improve your sleep, have a teaspoon of Hormony Drinks before going to bed.

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